DON'T TELL THE BRIDE Season 4, ep 2 Image Name: DON'T TELL THE BRIDE Season 4, ep 2


Series 4, Episode 2

This week’s episode features the first ever civil partnership on Don’t Tell the Bride. Alan Dunleavy and Trevor Moore are polar opposites.  Alan likes the finer things in life and has high expectations. Meanwhile ‘Harry Potter’ fan Trevor wants a big colourful party. When Trevor is tasked with creating the couple’s dream day he has some extravagant ideas, but will they be more Disney than Downton Abbey?

Alan Dunleavy (39) from Dublin and Trevor Moore (29) from Mullingar have been together for over four years. They met on a night out in ‘The George’ bar in Dublin when they were both wearing the same t-shirt! Their love story began straight away, even though they are complete opposites.

Alan is a perfectionist and has grand ideas for a five star wedding. But when disorganised Trevor teams up with his groomswomen Clare and Sinead he has different ideas and is keen to bring a colourful Gay Pride theme to the day.

As they get closer to the big day Trevor has a few pranks to play on his partner, but will Alan find them funny or has Trevor gone too far?