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Mother Of All Weddings Image Name: Mother Of All Weddings

Mother Of All Weddings is a brand new entertainment show where happily engaged, Ciara Swaine and Alan Gorman, hand over the planning of the most special day of their lives to their doting mothers, Bridgit and Bernie.  That’s right – one couple, two mother-in-laws and one VERY big day to plan… but there is a twist..


One mother is set to rule over all the plans, everything from hen party to but how to decide with Mother gets the power?

With all arrangements being left in the hands of Bridgit and Bernie, each have to blind pitch their ideas to the couple who will then ultimately decide which Mother-In-Law’s vision to go with. The ‘winning mammy’ becomes the boss, the ‘losing mammy’, her deputy.


As this is no level playing ground, this will prove as the ultimate opportunity for the MIL-zillas in the mothers to come to surface in place of the familiar, frenzied bride-Zilla!


This show will not only capture the relationship between the two mothers as they set about organising their children’s dream wedding, it will also allow us to see Ireland’s mammies in their rawest form.  They do whatever it takes to make this wedding unforgettable and the stakes don’t get much higher with the added pressure of fulfilling your own child’s dream.
Do the soon-to-be husband and wife regret handing over the details of their dream day to their mothers? Do the mammies know their off-spring as well as they think they do? Or is it all a smooth running journey of love, flowers and one big happy ever after?


Tune into to RTE One on Monday 30th of December at 6.30pm to find out.



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Bridgit Swaine and Bernie Gorman

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