Fair City ep-179 Image Name: Fair City ep-179 Description: Fair City Eps 179 TX: Thursday, November 14th 2013 Dolores stand up for a heartbroken Maeve L-R Dolores - Martina Stanley Maeve - Annette Flynn Charlie - Tom Jordan Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City eps-178 Image Name: Fair City eps-178 Description: Fair City Eps 178 TX: Wednesday, November 13th 2013 Maeve and Caoimhe put their revenge plan in action L-R Maeve - Annette Flynn Caoimhe - Aoibheann McCaul Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City eps-177 Image Name: Fair City eps-177 Description: Fair City Eps 177 TX: Tuesday, November 12th 2013 The Brennans move into their new home L-R Niamh - Clelia Murphy Rachel - Niamh Quirke Callum - Sean Doyle Paul - Tony Tormey Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City ep-176 Image Name: Fair City ep-176 Description: Fair City Eps 176 TX: Sunday, November 10th 2013 The Bishops pack to leave Carrigstown L-R Charlotte - Martha Fitzpatrick Decco - David O'Sullivan Zumo - Patrick Fitzpatrick Vivienne - Helen Norton Copyright: RTÉ


Episode 176 TX  Sunday November 10

Tension mounts between Decco and Zumo. Vivienne struggles to keep the family together. Ray pours his heart out, but will it be enough? Wayne makes a life-changing decision. And Leo wonders what he’s let himself in for.


Episode 177 TX Tuesday November 12

Wayne and Orla enjoy time alone, unaware Maeve is watching. When Judith reveals all about Tommy and Orla, a disgusted Caoimhe seizes on Maeve’s troubles as an opportunity for revenge. Decco braves collecting Paddy’s ashes and the Brennans move house.


Episode 178 TX Wednesday November 13

Spurred on by Caoimhe, Maeve plots revenge. Damien is full of regret as Ama moves on without him. Decco wrestles with his grief. As the Brennans struggle to get rid of a very unwelcome houseguest, Callum faces his own dilemma.


Episode 179 TX Thursday November 14

While Maeve, Wayne and Orla have a showdown, Caoimhe ensures it’s a very public humiliation for Orla. The Brennans solve their Bela problem and Callum anticipates his mother’s arrival. Charlie’s intervention fails to ease Decco’s troubles. Damien pleads with Ama for one more chance.