Maia Dunphy's What women want Image Name: Maia Dunphy's What women want Description: RTÉ Two Thursday September 19th

Episode 4

Presenter Maia Dunphy has an unusual marriage, her husband, the comedian Johnny Vegas, lives in the UK while she lives in Dublin and they see each other on average twice a month.  But she’s weary of people suggesting that hers is not a ‘real marriage’; that you absolutely have to cohabit to be a real, functioning husband and wife.

In HAPPY EVER AFTER Maia disputes the concept that there is only one standard model for the ideal relationship and spends time with Irish People whose ‘Happy Ever Afters’ are outside the norm.  From a group of Cavan Siblings who are all in arranged marriages, to blended families, a young lesbian couple, a Spring/Summer relationship, a long term long distance marriage and a 30-something couple who are about to have their 13th child.