Educating John | RTÉ Radio 1 Extra

Educating John is a four part series which will follow the education of a fictional person named John, from his birth to the final years of his life. Each week three guests will join presenter Niamh Hourigan to guide John in his education through life. In this, the first programme in the series, the focus will be on John’s education from his birth until he reaches 6 years of age.

In most of the western world, people are educated through formal channels of education until about the age of 18. From there, we are largely left to our own devices in deciding our future. Some of us decide to pursue education to third level and beyond, others choose to enter the workforce at an early age and sever their ties with formal education. However, life in itself is an education and we never stop learning, no matter what route we take. Some would argue that the best education is received through life and its experiences. The ability to communicate, maintain relationships, develop social skills, judge and reason, recognise our values and morals and much else besides, all fall under the remit of ‘education’.

What exactly is education and what is the ‘best’ way to educate ourselves in life? These are the questions which will be at the core of Educating John and will be explored through the fictional character, John.

RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, Monday 7 October at 1pm