Maia Dunphy's What women want Image Name: Maia Dunphy's What women want
Maia Dunphy's What women want Image Name: Maia Dunphy's What women want Description: RTÉ Two Thursday September 19th


EPISODE 1 of 4: “Forever Young”

Presenter Maia Dunphy has recently turned 38, and is already feeling a mounting ‘Fear Of 40.’ With more and more younger Irish women turning to radical cosmetic treatments to flash-freeze their faces into wrinkle-free perma-youth, Maia Dunphy wonders if she can find a way to age gracefully and naturally in a youth obsessed culture where her ageing face is increasingly viewed as a ‘Chemically Treatable Disease?’

Along the way she meets women her own age and younger who are committed to staying at ‘Zero Age’ (mid-30’s in current surgical parlance) with a regime of  Botox, fillers and more extreme treatments like Vampire Facelifts (so gorily touted by Kim Kardashian).  Maia visits the plastic surgeons to ask if she herself needs treatment and is stunned to discover she’s more raddled than she thought.  But are they just selling her a junkpile of insecurity?  She meets women who’re fighting ageing through diet, exercise and positive thinking and tries to find her own way to ‘dodge the needle’.  A lifelong devotee of careful skincare using expensive products Maia challenges a cosmetic chemist to prove whether or not her belief in ‘The Creams’ is justified…with surprising results!