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From Stage to Street Image Name: From Stage to Street
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A six-part radio series, presented by Colin Murphy, on the times when what was happening on the Irish stage reverberated on the streets outside.

From the Playboy riots of 1907 to more recent controversies, the series takes a fresh look at key moments in Irish theatre. Why did Lady Gregory’s nephew lead a drunken chorus of ‘God Save Our King’ at the Abbey in 1907? And why, fifty years later, was Brendan Behan to be found leading a drunken chorus of ‘The Auld Triangle’ outside Dublin’s pocket theatre, the Pike?

We talk about the players and passions at stake in the most provocative moments in Irish theatre history, and recapture those moments with the aid of actors and archival gems.

Programme 1: The Playboy of The Western World – John Millington Synge

Presented by Colin Murphy

RTÉ Radio 1 Extra  Friday 16 August 2013  1.30pm