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Pimp My Life 1 Image Name: Pimp My Life 1
Pimp My Life 2 Image Name: Pimp My Life 2

Pimp My Life is a six part series in which Richie Beirne explores the ever changing idea of work.

In six weeks Richie is going to overhaul the banger that is his working life. He begins the novel he always wanted to write, he finally takes the plunge and does stand up and tries his hand at a boyhood dream of becoming a cattle auctioneer. We all have dreams of what could or might have been.

Tired of the daydreams Richie has decided that this time it’s do or die! Along the way he seeks advice from a 94 year old electrician who only works six hours a day now, a life coach, a young blade entrepreneur in search of a truth that can help him achieve his dreams and Richie finds out if it is possible to have it all, the perfect job and life.

RTÉ Radio 1 Extra Saturday 27 July 2013 3.30pm