eps-114-jo-is-peeved-when-amelia-suggests-jo-needs-training-lr Image Name: eps-114-jo-is-peeved-when-amelia-suggests-jo-needs-training-lr Description: Fair City Eps 114 TX: Wednesday 17th July 2013 Jo is peeved when Amelia suggests Jo needs training L-R Jo - Rachel Sarah Murphy Amelia - Aoife King
eps-112-vivienne-ends-her-romance-with-ray1-lr Image Name: eps-112-vivienne-ends-her-romance-with-ray1-lr Description: Fair City Eps 112 TX: Sunday 14th July, 2013 Vivienne ends her romance with Ray L-R Ray - Mick Nolan Vivienne - Helen Norton
eps-115-callum-makes-a-heartfelt-confession-lr Image Name: eps-115-callum-makes-a-heartfelt-confession-lr Description: Fair City Eps 115 TX: Thursday, 18th July 2013 Callum makes a heartfelt confession L-R Callum - Sean Doyle Paul - Tony Tormey
eps-115-paddy-sits-alone-with-his-thoughts-lr Image Name: eps-115-paddy-sits-alone-with-his-thoughts-lr Description: Fair City Eps 115 TX: Thursday, 18th July 2013 Paddy sits alone with his thoughts L-R Paddy - Andrew Connolly

Episode 112 S24 TX Sunday July 14th 2013

The word is out about Doug’s drink driving and disapproval is rife. Vivienne decides to break it off with Ray when she ends it Zumo wonders if she is getting back with Paddy. Orla mulls over Jo’s advice about telling Wayne her true feelings.

Episode 113 S24 Synopsis TX Tuesday July 16th

Rachel is upset as she talks to Callum about confessing to driving the car and the realisation that Doug could end up in prison sinks in. Paddy asks Vivienne out for dinner  and flattered she accepts. Jo gets the wrong end of the stick when Bob mentions that he is bringing in a new manager for the Hungry Pig.

Episode 114 TX Wednesday July 17th 2013

Charlotte milks the situation with Callum and emotionally blackmails him into going out with her.  Orla and Niamh wind Jo up about the new manager Amelia, who is starting in the Hungry Pig. And Ama tells Damien her beliefs of no sex before marriage.

Episode 115 TX Thursday July 18th 2013

Sparks fly as Amelia continues with her customer feedback and suggestions at the Hungry Pig. Damien hints about trouble with Ama when he meets Dolores and Pete and Luke discusses how he misses his children and how he and Judith would love Canada.