Celebrity MasterChef Ireland Image Name: Celebrity MasterChef Ireland Description: Celebrity MasterChef Ireland Summer 2013 Left to Right: Maia Dunphy, David Gillick, Gary Cooke, Yvonne Keating, Nick Munier, Dylan McGrath, Conor Pope, Tracy Piggott, Kamal Ibrahim and Aengus Mac Grianna Copyright: RTÉ and Screentime Shinawil 2013. Photography Credit: Jenny McCarthy

The first episode of the Celebrity MasterChef Ireland introduces us to eight well known faces ready to battle it out in the MasterChef Ireland kitchen.

Entering the kitchen for the first time tonight is RTÉ newscaster, Aengus Mac Grianna; model, TV presenter and columnist Yvonne Keating; Après Match’s Eamon Dunphy otherwise known as comedian and actor Gary Cooke; Olympic athlete David Gillick, writer and producer Maia Dunphy, Irish Times consumer affairs correspondent Conor Pope; RTÉ sports presenter, Tracy Piggott; and former Mr World, and current National Lottery presenter Kamal Ibrahim.

Over the next six weeks the celebrities will be put through a series of gruelling culinary tasks. These challenges have been designed by Michelin Star Chef and restaurateur Dylan McGrath and restaurateur Nick Munier, to push the celebrities cooking skills and ability to the absolute limit.

As the eight celebrities embark on this new journey Dylan is curious to see who breaks away from the pack, while Nick is hoping to see passion, skill, common sense and a good humoured chef.

Tonight, each celebrity will be faced with two very different culinary challenges. For their first task in the competition, Dylan and Nick will ask each celebrity to cook one dish that best represents their personalities, they like to call it ‘You on a Plate’. They will give them one hour to complete this dish.   In the second task, Dylan demonstrates to Nick how to execute the classic French dessert of Crepe Suzette.  Each of the cooks will then be individually summonsed to the kitchen by Nick and Dylan to replicate this tricky dessert against the clock.

At the end of this first episode one of the cooks will lose their apron and leave the MasterChef kitchen for the last time.