The Alternative with Dan Hegarty

Halves Image Name: Halves
Mineral Image Name: Mineral

Halves interview

Ahead of the release of their second studio album ‘Boa Howl’ on July 5, Halves will be joining Dan for a chat on The Alternative. They released their stunning debut album ‘It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) in 2010, followed by a live album last year.

Craig Walker’s (Mineral) Five Track Shuffle

Many know him as frontman with Power Of Dreams, but Craig Walker has never been a man who likes to hang about and get complacent. His latest musical outing is as part of the Irish/French outfit Mineral. So, it is wearing this hat that he choses this week’s Five-Track Shuffle.

The Alternative with Dan Hegarty, Wednesday 26 June 10pm – 1am