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Lynch Family and Sheila O'Flanagan Image Name: Lynch Family and Sheila O'Flanagan

The Family Project

6 part series

Between the pressures of work, keeping the house straight, minding kids and making ends meet having a family in Ireland today is no easy job.  Finding time to do the homework can be a real challenge.  Finding ways to make learning fun and interesting can sometimes seem impossible.

The Family Project is new series that teams up six well-known and inspirational people with six very different families who are struggling with life’s many challenges.  They will mentor the family and it is their task to help their family better manage their lives, overcome the obstacles holding them back and give them the tools they need so they can do more with their children with everyday learning.  We all worry if our children are getting the best education they can, we want the best for them – this series will inspire parents all over Ireland to do more in the home to help their kids learn in fun and engaging ways.

It is a forgotten fact that parents in the home are the primary educators in life.  The Family Project will follow the six mentors and six families from around Ireland as they work together to overcome the issues that affect their lives as a family.

Champion jockey Johnny Murtagh, ex TD Mary O’Rourke, GAA star, social activist and writer Tony Griffin, entrepreneur Padraig Ó Céidigh, author Sheila O’Flanagan and comedian Jon Kenny – all with their own unique experience with education – are there to encourage the family to do the best they can for each other.

This series will show families how through simple changes in their day-to-day lives, by learning new skills and pushing themselves to new heights they can enrich their lives and the lives of their children by learning together.

Programme 3

In programme three we meet Donna Lynch and her three kids, Lydia (14), Jonathon (12) and Aaron ( 8) from Tallaght, Co. Dublin. Lydia, the eldest, has always wanted to be a writer so when best-selling author Sheila O’Flanagan arrives at the front door it’s a dream come true.

This story follows Lydia, Jonathon and Aaron as they overcome all sorts of obstacles to write their own children’s book.

All three of them, under the guidance of Sheila, contribute to the writing, drawing and content of this book. It’s an emotional journey for Donna as she watches her three children work together to create their own book, each drawing on their individual strengths. Donna has always believed in the benefits and importance of education. In recent years Donna has gone back to education and now has a degree in community education.

With a book launch for over 100 people planned to take place at the end of the 6 weeks spent on this project, it’s up to each of them to pull out all the stops to make this a family project they will all remember forever.