The Takeover episode 6 Image Name: The Takeover episode 6

Episode 6

Husband and wife hoteliers Maria Ruddy and Darren Madden check out of the The Clew Bay Hotel and leave their staff in control of the family business for two weeks.  But will it be more Fawlty Towers than Four Seasons on their return?

Chef Louise and Operations Manager Karen immediately turn their attention to the hotel’s empty function room and try to make the most of their one big advantage in highly competitive Westport – the town church is right on their doorstep! From strong-arming the parish priest to door-stepping the local undertaker, there is nothing they won’t do on their quest to get a slice of the lucrative function business.

Meanwhile, waitresses Donna and Saoirse put on business suits for the first time in their working lives and try to pitch the hotel as a hub for corporate getaways.  Will the waitresses wow prospective clients or will their inexperience show?

Accountant Maureen, waitress Nelly and barman Ger want to revamp their lacklustre hotel entertainment.  After holding auditions for local talent, the motley crew decide to turn the hotel bar into Westport’s first Comedy Club.  But will bosses Darren and Maria be laughing when they see turned their family friendly hotel into an over 18s hotspot?