Radioactive | tRTÉ Radio

For the first week of Radioactive Colm will be meeting super-star radio presenter and ‘weblebrity’ Rick O’Shea! Rick will be giving Colm tips on how to get thousands of twitter followers and also what it takes to present one of the countries biggest radio shows!


Colm will also be hearing from a school in Co. Clare to hear ‘What’s the story!?’, where they have 90 seconds to pack in their news and tell us about the more unusual things that have been going on.


One luck listener gets to go head to head with Colm for the YES NO Game Show where the rules are simple! You can say anything apart from Yes or No!


TRTE sports reporter Cian O Sullivan will be on with the quick rapid fire sports round up and Tracy will be in to fill us in on what’s happening across the country over the weekend!


All that and piles more!

Radioactive, tRTÉ Radio, Monday to Friday 7.30- 9pm