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Award-winning comedy satirist Oliver Callan is back with a second Bank Holiday special on RTÉ Radio 1 this Easter Monday.

Callan’s Kicks is the latest brainchild of the impressionist who rose to fame through his work on RTÉ 2fm’s Nob Nation and TV appearances on The Saturday Night Show.

The Monaghan mimic says the series is a grown-up version of his satirical work to date.

“I’m going to continue to tackle official Ireland in Callan’s Kicks. Politics, sport, entertainment and media figures will feature strongly and the series will focus more on satire with a message rather than cheap gags,” said Callan.

The former journalist and radio presenter says the new show will be sharp, topical and politically fair.

He said: “If Nob Nation was an irreverent teenager, then Callan’s Kicks is definitely the more mature adult.”

The programme will feature parodies of major public figures as diverse as Enda Kenny to Katy Taylor and Louis Walsh to Rory McIlroy. But Callan says not just Ireland’s best-loved celebrities and stars are in the firing line:

“We won’t be holding back for fear of upsetting the rich and powerful, but we won’t set out to be nasty or personal either. Ireland is still in turmoil and there is still a lot wrong with the State in terms of cronyism, hypocrisy and a failure to punish those who’ve destroyed the economy and reputation of the land.”

A Special Bank Holiday episode of Callan’s Kicks will air on Monday 1 April on RTÉ Radio 1 and the RTÉ Radio Player.