Fair City Ep 31 Image Name: Fair City Ep 31 Description: Fair City Eps 31 TX: Tuesday Thursday 14th February Wayne accuses Paul of theft l-r Wayne - Victor Burke Paul - Tony Tormey Niamh - Clelia Murphys Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City Ep 30 Image Name: Fair City Ep 30 Description: Fair City Eps 30 TX: Tuesday Wednesday 13th February Luke declares his love for Judith l-r Judith - Catherine Byrne Luke - Liam Heffernan Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City Ep 29 Image Name: Fair City Ep 29 Description: Fair City Eps 29 TX: Tuesday Tuesday 12th February Judith'€™s distraction nearly kills Maeve l-r Judith - Catherine Byrne Maeve - Annette Flynn Vivienne - Helen Norton Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City Ep 28 Image Name: Fair City Ep 28 Description: Fair City Eps 28 TX: Sunday 10th February 2013 Dougs and Rays ghost hunting is discovered l-r Doug - Wesley Ray - Mick Nolan Damien - Maclean Burka Pete - Enda Oates Copyright: RTÉ


Episode 28

TX: Sunday 10-02-2013

Paul and Niamh’s lives are turned upside down as Wayne becomes even more suspicious. Judith’s situation with Tommy and Luke comes to a head. Doug and Ray go on a ghost hunt. Bob encourages Carol to get even with Zumo.


Episode 29

TX:  Tuesday, 12th February, 2013.

Judith’s love triangle has her dangerously distracted and leads to a terrible mistake at work. Will Paul admit his big secret? Jo gets her hopes up, but Dermot’s heart lies elsewhere. The ghost-hunters make a startling discovery.

Episode 30

TX:  Wednesday, 13th February, 2013.

Judith makes the hardest decision of her life. Wayne grows more suspicious while Paul and Niamh wonder if Eddie has pulled a fast one on them.  Doug finally meets the mystery woman.

Episode 31

TX:  Thursday, 14th February, 2013.

As Judith is faced with a terrible choice, Tommy fights back with a vengeance. Paul and Niamh’s delight at winning big is short lived when Wayne goes on the attack.  A Valentine’s trick by Ben leaves both Jo and Dermot heartbroken.