Katherine Lynch's wagon's den Image Name: Katherine Lynch's wagon's den Description: Katherine Lynch's wagon's den

WAGON (n) A cranky contrary female. ie “She’s some wagon eh?” (Slang.ie)
DEN (n) A place where wagons dwell

Katherine Lynch’s hit comedy Showbiz News Show WAGON’S DEN returns to RTE Two on Thursday January 1oth with its usual thunderous cacophony of female wit and opinion on all the celebrity news issues of the week. From movie releases to fashion news, from celebrity news stories to showbiz gossip, the WAGON’S DEN crew skewer the dead meat and baste it in a satisfyingly bitchy marinade of coruscating wit and savvy outrage. It’s the ‘Anti-Panel’ with a nod to Loose Women, and features a line-out of well known and new Irish comic & pundit talent.

Amongst those appearing alongside Katherine Lynch’s anchor SHEILA CHIC character are wingman BRIAN DOWLING plus model Sarah Morrisey, ‘Gossip Girl’ Siobhan O’Connor, Anthea Turner, ‘Doctor’ Gillian McKeith, Toyah Wilcox and Model-turned-Super Injunction Poster Girl Natasha Giggs. In the hunky ‘Token Blokey’ Corner we’ve got man-candy to suit every palate…from Jordan’s Brazilian Ex Leandro Penna to Thug-hunter Donal McIntyre and 6 ft 6” Rugby Star Gareth Thomas.