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Episode 10: From hundreds of applications from across the country, just 50 people made it through the audition stage of MasterChef Ireland. Out of those 50, the Final 16 MasterChef contestants were chosen by two of Ireland’s most culinary figures, Nick Munier and Dylan McGrath, to compete in the coveted title of MasterChef Ireland and a prize of €25,000.

Sixteen became twelve after the ‘You On A Plate’ challenge with a twist. Joe and Nick hung up their aprons in Episode 4, after failing to impress with their Emirates airline first class menus, leaving just ten hopefuls vying for the MasterChef Ireland title. Simon cooked for the last time in Programme 5 after he struggled in the soufflé pressure test. In Episode 6, Conn handed back his apron, after he fell down with his childhood meal and his pork dish. In Episode 7, Andy cooked for the last time. In Episode 8, contestants had their palates tested with the ultimate taste task using molecular gastronomy, before undertaking an ice-cream masterclass with ice-cream supremo Kieran Murphy.

In this programme, Episode 10, our Final 4 face the Masterchef ultimate challenge.   Cooking for all of Ireland’s Michelin Star chefs and the President of Emirates Airline Tim Clarke.   Nick & Dylan have decided to give them the ultimate Masterclass to prepare them before they leave the Masterchef kitchen next week, to go on a culinary road trip.   Dylan has designed four dishes; each dish is designed specifically to work on their weakest area.

Coming to dinner are, DERRY CLARKE is chef & patron of the famous L’Ecrivan restaurant for over 22 years.   He has retained his Michelin star since 2003.

KEVIN THORNTON from Thornton’s On The Green currently holds one star.

ROSS LEWIS from Chapter One restaurant got awarded his star in 2007.

OLIVER DUNNE from Bon Appetite is Ireland’s youngest ever Michelin star chef.

MARTIJN KAJUITE is the Michelin star executive chef in The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co Waterford.

GUILLAME LEBRUN is at the helm in the kitchen in Patrick Guilbauds in the Merrion Hotel.   It is the only Irish restaurant to hold two stars.

Also at the table are KIERAN GLENNON who is Head Chef in Patrick Guilbauds and TIM CLARK who is the President of Emirates Airlline.

The day before the task Dylan steps all the four finalists through their dishes. Each course has an array of technical challenges for each of the contestants.  The stakes are high and cooking for the best palates in the country, the contestants simply must excel. The contestant who fails to deliver on the day will lose their apron and a chance to be in the Final 3 of MasterChef Ireland.