Fair City ep-188 Image Name: Fair City ep-188 Description: Fair City Eps 188 TX: Sunday December 2nd, 2012 Luke restates his love for Judith L - R Judith - Catherine Byrne Luke - Liam Heffernan Copyright: RTÉ
Fair City ep-190 Image Name: Fair City ep-190 Description: Fair City Eps 190 TX: Wednesday December 5th, 2012 Joey comforts Ingrid L - R Ingrid - Vivienne Connolly Joey - Jack Copyright: RTÉ

Episode 188

TX: Sunday 2nd December 2012

With Louie broken and Bob triumphant, Yvonne is determined to help Louie turn things around. Could Renee’s secret be the key and can Yvonne discover it? Judith, comforting a downhearted Caoimhe, assures her she gave her a good reference, but Tommy suspects otherwise. While Judith tries to shut down Luke’s advances, Luke makes his feelings clear. Dermot decides today is the day he must tell Ben about Maeve, and Val finds no good deed goes unpunished when she welcomes Charlie aboard.

Episode 189

TX: Tuesday  4th December 2012

Tension mounts with only one day to go to Carol and Louie’s wedding. Renee pleads with Louie for cash. Will he give in to her blackmail or will she tell Carol all? Bob promises Renee not to reveal Louie’s infidelity but he struggles to resist the ultimate revenge. Has Louie sealed his fate when he enrages Ingrid with his rejection? One way or another it seems only a matter of time before one of his enemies destroys Louie’s wedding day.

Episode 190

TX: Wednesday  5th December 2012

Carol’s dream wedding day has finally arrived. But with Ingrid on the edge and Bob torn between his loyalty to Carol and hatred for Louie, Louie’s nerves are at breaking point. When a desperate Renee plays her trump card, will Yvonne’s discovery be enough to buy Louie time to get the ring on Carol’s finger?  In the Dillon household, Caoimhe unearths Judith’s secret and Judith is forced to confess all to Tommy. Elsewhere, a disgruntled Santa makes demands on Val.

Episode 191

TX: Thursday  6th December 2012

Now that Louie’s secret is out, can he persuade Carol his past mistakes meant nothing and his love for her is true? With Ingrid on the scene, events escalate and when Carol finally makes up her mind, nothing prepares her for what is about to be unleashed. Tommy’s rejection of Judith drives a wedge between them. Seizing his opportunity, Luke tells Judith a few home truths but is surprised by her reaction. In Santa’s grotto, rivalry between Santa and his newly recruited elf grows.