eps-176-sash-leaves Image Name: eps-176-sash-leaves Description: Fair City Eps 176 TX: Sunday November 11th, 2012 Sash leaves [L-R] Zumo - Patrick Fitzpatrick Sash - Stephanie Kelly
eps-176-paul-reveals-the-truth-to-niamh Image Name: eps-176-paul-reveals-the-truth-to-niamh Description: Fair City Eps 176 TX: Sunday November 11th, 2012 Paul reveals the truth to Niamh [L-R] Niamh - Clelia Murphy Paul - Tony Tormey

Ep 176
TX: Sunday 11th November 2012

Orla pushes Niamh to find out what Paul is up to. When she finds him with an attractive woman and lashes out, is she making a mistake? Maeve starts to lose patience with Ben but is determined not to let him push her out. Eddie, worried about what Collie could do, warns Decco to silence Sash. Sash believes she has outwitted Collie but she is horrified at the lengths he will go to get rid of her. Does she face defeat

Ep 177
TX: Tuesday 13th November 2012

Eddie and Decco are at the mercy of thug Collie. As the Collie threat increases, Eddie is backed into a corner. Will he come out fighting? Paul comes to a decision which delights Niamh but sets him on a collision course with Wayne. Ingrid ups the pressure on Louie to leave Carol but does Louie have the heart to dump his bride-to-be? Renee continues her romantic pursuit of Bob while Maeve and Dermot’s relationship blossoms.

Episode 178

TX: Wednesday 14th November 2012

When domestic life keeps Louie from his assignation with Ingrid, a furious Ingrid warns Louie not to mess her around, or else. Eddie, putting his plan to get rid of Collie into action, forces Decco to risk his life. Increasing tension between Wayne and Paul leads to a confrontation, but who will come out on top? The strain of his relationship with Maeve causes Dermot to lie. Renee pushes Bob for an answer – do they have a future together?

Episode 179

TX: Thursday 15th November 2012

Ingrid’s plot to damn Carol is unwittingly uncovered by Louie. Furious, he demands she backs off, but when her scheming continues to backfire, Ingrid issues her own ultimatum. The enmity between Paul and Wayne escalates when Paul refuses to give Wayne his job back and Wayne swears revenge. Dermot’s fears about his relationship grow, but is he sending the wrong message to Maeve? After Collie’s arrest, can Eddie resist Flynn’s advances, or will he be sucked further into the crime lord’s web?