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elev8 – ‘Science Fiction’ Dr. Sorcha Knowles, her trusty computer Bud-E and proud Corkonian Professor Mike McCork are back to bust more myths in this week’s ‘Science Fiction’! This week, a viewer is in a quandary over this query:  ‘Is it true that an ant can lift 50 times its own weight?!’ Tune in to find out the answer!


elev8 – ‘101 Things To Do Before You’re A Teenager’ The countdown continues – this week on ‘101 Things’, Anton dies his hair pink (don’t worry Anton’s Mum, it washes out!), Conor hits the gym to learn how to do 5 pull-ups, and all of the ‘101 Things’ gang take part in the most gruelling sporting challenge out there – yeah, the Olympics were great n’ all, but it’s all been leading up towards THE BUM RACE!


elev8 – ‘The A-Z of Whatever’ A journey through the past with a twist, all the way from A to Z… This week, it’s ‘G’ for ‘GUM’! Learn all about the history of the substance that keeps our jaws fit n’ strong – where did chewing gum come from?! Romey Farrelly leads you on this time travellin’ adventure with the help of The Most Interesting Couple In The World (yay!), The Most Boring Couple In The World (Zzzzzz…), and of course the A-Z resident mad scientist Dr. B. Rainy and his wacky facts…


Two Tube Love, Vampires, Action and that’s just when Two Tube’s Bláthnaid meets with some of the Breaking Dawn 2 stars this week!  Oh and Sinead just happens to be chatting to Brendan Gleeson, Chris O’Dowd, Aidan Gillen and Ben Schwartz so join must see tv this week on Two Tube.


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