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The Mad Cows is TRTÉ’s brand new 15 part Irish animation series from Keg Kartoonz.

On a moonlit night in the rural hills of Mayo, a herd of cattle are peacefully grazing. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shoots down striking two of the cattle. When they recover from their surprise blast they find that they have acquired some human traits. They can now stand upright, speak and they even have opposable hooves.

The two soon discover that there are more like them. They form a bizarre band of bovines and call themselves The Mad Cows. This eclectic bunch of anthropomorphic cattle travel all over Ireland in a large RV that they’ve ‘borrowed’ from some extreme sports fanatics. The vehicle comes complete with every piece of extreme sports equipment imaginable and coincidently, it turns out that each of the gang has a great aptitude for all kinds of sports.

In each episode the gang inadvertently foil some kind of villainous plot.The Mad Cows are constantly learning the peculiar ways of humans (and in particular, Irish humans) and a lot of it just doesn’t make any sense to them.

The audience never find out why this strange anomaly has happened and the cattle themselves don’t care. All they want to do is continue on their rollercoaster trip.