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What Have the Brits Ever Done For Us? is an authored documentary which will highlight the uniquely complex relationship between Ireland and its closest neighbour in a provocative, entertaining and intelligent way.

The relationship between Ireland and Britain is a long one. It’s also a very tricky one. While acknowledging this, the programme shines a light on our national blind spot when it comes to our relationship with Britain and the influence it has had on our development as a society and country.

The programme features a smart, entertaining line-up of contributors from historians, economists, sociologists, journalists and comedians to specialists in a range of fields from food, to fashion, architecture and music and will explore the uncomfortable truth about the positive influence the British Empire has had on us – whether we like it or not!’

Contributors include: Diarmaid Ferriter, Declan Kiberd, Justine McCarthy, Roy Foster, Alan Stanford, Manchan Magan, Sinead Gleeson, Matt Copper, and Susan McKay.