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Radio 1 - Butterfly Image Name: Radio 1 - Butterfly Description: Sunday Playhouse Copyright: © This image may be reproduced in print or electronic format forpromotional purposes only.

Owen Roe stars in this light-hearted science-fiction drama by Pete Mullineaux and Moya Roddy.

Butterfly Wings is the story of Seamus, a man who applies for a computer generated personality makeover after the collapse of his marriage. His newly confident, re-versioned self emerges, with a new name to match – Dave. But both personas, new and old, are brought into conflict as Seamus’s wife, Catherine re-appears on the scene. The personality change sparks a chain reaction in Seamus’s world, just as a butterfly flapping its wings might provoke a tidal wave of change, in this witty exploration of romance, technology and the self.

Starring Karen Ardiff, Barry Barnes, Liam Carney, Iseult Golden, Owen Roe and Ali White.