When Dreams Come True

Ray D'Arcy with Rachel and Ruth Andrews Image Name: Ray D'Arcy with Rachel and Ruth Andrews Description: When Dreams Come True Copyright: © (source).  This image may be reproduced in print or electronic format forpromotional purposes only.
Ray and Ned Dillon Image Name: Ray and Ned Dillon Description: When Dreams Come True Copyright: © (source).  This image may be reproduced in print or electronic format forpromotional purposes only.

Ray D’Arcy is back this Sunday, 4th December, making dreams come true at 8.30pm on RTÉ ONE.   The programme celebrates ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  Ray will be in studio and the When Dreams Come True reporter Sinead Kennedy will be roaming the country surprising unsung heroes. Each week the programme will surprise three unsuspecting members of the public and make their Dreams Come True. 

Arklow native Ned Dillon has been a volunteer with Arklow Lifeboat for twelve years. Working as a fisherman Ned learnt his seafaring skills in all kinds of vessels in all kinds of weather. Jimmy Tyrell, the Lifeboat Operations Manager, approached Ned to join Arklow Lifeboat as a volunteer.  Jimmy thought Ned would be perfect because of his experience and abilities. Much loved and admired by his colleagues, for the past twelve years Ned, and has been a central member of the Lifeboat team.  On call twenty-four hours a day Ned has risked life and limb on numerous occasions to attend to callouts.  Ned thinks he is in studio to pay tribute to a colleague, he has no idea he is about to receive the When Dreams Come True Treatment. 

Sisters Rachel (15) and Ruth (11) Andrews from Limerick are part-time stage magicians, and always perform free of charge to raise money for charity. They’ve raised funds for Limerick Hospice, for St Gabriel’s Centre, and they raised 4,000euro  for the Red Cross in the wake of the Tsunami disaster.  Rachel and Ruth have been inspired to take up magic by their father Terence who is President of the Munster Society of Magicians, and is a member of the Magic Circle.  The girls think they are in RTE to audition for a slot performing magic on a programme they have no idea that Ray with the help of a very special assistant is about to make their dream come true.
Out on the road this week Sinead Kennedy  surprises Abrahim Wahid. 20 year old Abrahim came to Ireland, from Jos, Nigeria, in September 2001. When he arrived in Dublin, he stayed in a hostel in Dún Laoghaire and became involved with the Dún Laoghaire Refugee Project Because of his perfect English and outgoing personality, Abrahim has become a vital liaison between other refuges and the members of the Refugee Project. He co-founded the Dún Laoghaire Town Football Club, which is comprised of non-nationals and locals He is a Player Director, representing the Club’s non- national players on the Board of Directors. He is a member of the Dún Laoghaire Community Forum, which acts as a voice for local charities  and he is a member of SARI (Sport Against Racism in Ireland). Sinead is taking Football mad Abrahim to Old Trafford to make his dream come true.