Mother Knows Best

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Tabby O’Callaghan won the hearts of the X Factor audience last year. Now living back in Sligo he is trying to capitalise on his X Factor success. He has a single due out at the end of August and an album in the pipeline.

Tabby aka Trevor has been a professional musician since he was a teenager but last year gave him the taste of the stardom he has worked so hard for and the next few months are crucial.
Bridget O’Callaghan adores her youngest son Tabby and has long been his number one fan. He has inherited his musical talents from her and she is also a talented singer.

Tabby is a hardcore smoker and this is one of his mother’s biggest bugbears. She is adamant that he needs to quit before he damages his voice any further. She reckons the only way to get him to appreciate just how dangerous it is, not only for his health but for his voice, is to appeal to his obsession with his future career. So she brings him to top ENT. Consultant to the stars Gus Dennis who outlines the dangers of heavy smoking to the instrument which is his future career.

With his first single due out, Bridget knows that Tabby could be on the verge of huge success but she wants to impress on him the importance of keeping his feet firmly on the ground and pulling his weight when it comes to responsibilities at home.

Tabby lives with his partner Anna and 14 month son illan. Anna who comes from the Shetland Islands is a long way from her own family and Bridget has become her surrogate Sligo mother. Anna is very driven and hard working, as well as being the main homemaker Anna also helps Tabby out: answering fan mail and dishing out advice and moral support in bucket loads. However, Bridget feels that Tabby might be guilty of taking Anna slightly for granted. She thinks Tabby needs to demonstrate to Anna and illan just how important they are to him. She sets him the challenge of building a new play area in the garden.

Tabby never sits still, he is full of nervous energy which pays off when he performs. But Bridget thinks he needs to learn to find some balance and learn how to chill out and spend time on his own.