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RICHARD HARRIS REVISITED: THE JOE JACKSON TAPES (Repeat) In 1987 Joe Jackson's first interview with Richard Harris was published in an Irish magazine as a cover story with this headline: 'Richard Harris as you never saw or heard him before.' Joe Jackson suggests "the same is true, but even more so" of his two-part programme, Richard Harris Re-vistited: The Joe Jackson Tapes.
NATURE ON ONE: IRELAND’S WILD PEOPLE People have their passions. Some of us like football, some become obsessed with music, cooking or vintage cars, but what inspires someone to devote their lives to wildlife? Following on from Colin Stafford Johnson's 10-part radio documentary series 'Nature on One', broadcast in 2013, in this second series, 'Ireland's Wild People', Colin meets those wildlife enthusiasts and experts who have spent a lifetime trying to learn about and protect our natural heritage.
NATURE ON ONE: IRELAND’S WILD PEOPLE When she was just eight years old, Zoe Devlin was handed a magnifying glass and shown an Irish orchid by a family friend, leading to a lifelong love of Ireland's wild flowers. Some 60 years later, in 2009, her hobby spurred her to create her own website which lead to two books 'Wildflowers of Ireland - A Personal Record' (2011) and 'The Wildflowers of Ireland - A Field Guide' (2014). Zoe has an infectious love for these small delicate plants often overlooked in Irish landscapes.
A WEEK TO MY WEDDING ***NEW SERIES*** In this new series, we join six couples with one week to go to their wedding. A week set to be one of the most intense, stressful, unpredictable and exciting week of their lives. With 225 family and friends gathering to celebrate their marriage, in episode 1 we follow Maeve O'Hara and Brendan Kenny as they make their final preparations for their wedding day.