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IRELAND’S RISING ***NEW SERIES*** In Ireland's Rising, a new four part series for RTÉ One, Anne Doyle, Ryan Tubridy, Jim McGuinness and Fiona Shaw will return to their home/ancestral county to explore its connections with 1916.
BRESSIE’S IRON MIND *Concluding part* Having slogged through six months of mental and physical preparation with varying degrees of success, the Ironmind team find themselves facing into one of the world's hardest endurance events, a 70.3 Triathlon in the sweltering heat of Lanzarote.
NATIONWIDE This week on Nationwide, the team meets some people who came to this country as refugees many years ago and now call Ireland home; we visit Cork to see the crafts on display at the Craft fair in Cork's City Hall; we meet the Mayo boy who is embarking on a musical journey just right for the Christmas period; and Limerick takes centre stage as the programme visits some of the thriving industries and businesses of the city which are all members of the 200 year old Chamber.
10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT… Water is something we often take for granted but without it, we wouldn't exist. A hugely valuable resource that plays a vital part in every aspect of our lives, this week we look at the impact of pollution on water systems and how technology is being applied to make water safer for both us and our fishy friends.