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Seal Cuideachta An interview with Helen Ó Cíosáin about her tireless work for Irish-language preschools.
PAYING FOR SEX : REALITY BITES Paying For Sex is a one-off documentary for the 'Reality Bites' strand that explores the ongoing debate and the highly contentious and taboo subject of "paying for sex" in Ireland. The programme follows sex worker Kate McGrew and prostitution survivor Rachel Moran as they campaign tirelessly on opposing sides of a new law and gives unique insights into their extremely divergent experiences of the sex trade.
KEVIN MCGAHERN’S AMERICA ***FINAL*** Kevin McGahern travels around America meeting people who are redefining what it means to be family, in surprising ways.
Living The Wildlife Episode 5. In Co. Mayo, Lynda Huxley is on a mission to reverse the decline in our swift populations by encouraging locals to incorporate swift nest boxes into buildings. Renowned ornithologist and wildlife writer David Cabot shares his life-long passion for barnacle geese.
BUILDING IRELAND Geographer Susan Hegarty discovers how an inhospitable but beautiful landscape was exploited as a mass market tourism destination. Engineer Tim Joyce explores the engineering behind Europe’s most westerly railway and Architect Orla Murphy investigates the role of a railway company in developing a world class hotel.