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THE SPEECH The Speech aims to help individuals to overcome their fear of public speaking, and this week it’s proprietor of the Vibes and Scribes book and craft shop, Joan Lucey from Cork. A successful businesswoman, Joan is chatty, charming and confident – but when she’s asked to speak in public, that confidence plummets…
WOULD YOU BELIEVE? THE NAZARENE Fr Charlie Burrows, a maverick Irish Missionary priest, is in the news because of his pastoral care for, and campaigning efforts on behalf of, foreign drug offenders sentenced to death by the Indonesian Government. Despite an international furore, 14 were executed in April. Australia broke off diplomatic ties in protest. Fr Charlie is now continuing to call for clemency for 40 or so more offenders awaiting a similar fate. So, who is this man the local Muslims call ‘the Nazarene’?
CRIMECALL Philip Boucher Hayes and Grainne Seoige with reconstructions, CCTV footage and live studio appeals to look for information from the public, to help with Garda investigations.
FIREFIGHTERS It’s a race against time when a major house fire breaks out on the outskirts of Dublin. With the flames threatening to engulf neighbouring houses, the fire crews hit the ground running and need to make every second count.
Iris Aniar The main stories from the west of Ireland.
EXILES ***NEW SERIES*** New series following six young Irish people as they emigrate from Ireland to Canada to start a new life and chase their dreams starts on RTÉ2 with a double bill.