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THE HUNT ***FINAL IN SERIES*** The final episode of the series visits the frontline of the conflict with the world's top predators, meeting the scientists fighting to save them. Crossing five continents and combining landmark natural history footage with real-life human drama, it checks the pulse of the earth's iconic animals, including lions, tigers, polar bears and blue whales. With three-quarters of the planet's carnivores now in decline, can people find ways to live with predators before they disappear forever?
CREEDON’S EPIC EAST ***NEW SERIES*** In this brand new four-part series John Creedon sets out on a voyage to discover Ireland's Epic East.
SECRET EATERS This week, Hetal and Mitul from Leicester are under the Secret Eaters’ spotlight. This boyfriend and girlfriend are desperate to lose weight but can’t understand why they keep piling on the pounds. They're convinced they eat healthily, but the fact that they put a litre of cheese sauce onto a moussaka, and add chocolate spread to a health shake, seems to suggest otherwise.'
FOLLOW DONAL Donal discovers why Poland's traditional recipes are still going strong, from its city street food to its countryside grub. Donal makes perogis, a polish food favourite, before heading 125 metres underground to a salt mine.
THE COLLECTORS ***NEW*** The Collectors is a one hour documentary about six very diverse Irish people with one unusual thing in common, they are all dedicated collectors. Lego, Barbies, Dinky cars, Coca-Cola merchandise, Comics and Porcelain dolls all feature within the programme as our characters explain their love and devotion to their collection and how it functions as both a crucial part of their life and their identity. The Collectors is the first documentary broadcast on RTÉ television filmed entirely on the iphone 6s plus.
INSIDE OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE The third episode of ‘Inside Obama’s White House’ explores how Barack Obama set out to end George Bush’s wars in the Middle East and reset relations with the rest of the world. In Cairo he speaks to the Arab world, calling democracy a human right. Two years later when protest erupts in Tahrir square, the President is torn between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defence Secretary Robert Gates who believe Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak provides regional stability and his young advisors who are in tune with the promise of the Arab Spring.