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THE HUNT The coast is the dynamic border between land and sea; powered by the tides and thrashed by waves, this is a world of continuous change. Opportunities never last long here, so hunters are always in a race against time. The coast is the only place on the planet where predators from air, land and sea come together.
THE JUDAS ISCARIOT LUNCH Feature length documentary about faith, religion, love and life after the priesthood. 13 Irish ex-priests speak candidly about how they came to be missionaries in East Asia, the Pacific and South America in the 1960s and 70s and how they took the brave,honourable and risky decision to leave the active ministry
Trí Fhéile Cheilteacha Today, Máiréad Uí Dhomhnaill is at the Eisteddfod festival in Wales.
SECRET EATERS This week, sisters Lauren and Stephanie from Essex are under the Secret Eaters’ spotlight. These twenty-something siblings are mystified by their weight gain, having each put on two stone over the last two years resulting in them tipping the scales into the overweight category. Lauren is even training for the marathon but has yet to lose a pound! The girls think they eat healthily but Stephanie’s grab and go habits plus Lauren’s social suppers suggest otherwise.
FOLLOW DONAL Croatia is rising up the food ranks to rival other European cities, and Donal is finding out why. He meets a top chef who cooks up the region's famous black cuttlefish risotto, before moving onto pasta making in a beautiful olive grove.
THE SEARCH ***NEW*** What happens after a person leaves an Industrial School orphanage?  What happens years later when they still know little or nothing about their family?  How do they begin trying to find blood brothers and sisters? And what happens if they do?
INSIDE OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE With exclusive interviews from President Obama and his White House team, programme two tells the story of Obama's greatest legacy: healthcare. When Obama announced his proposals for affordable, accessible healthcare for every American, he sparked a bitter conflict. Within weeks of his launch, members of Congress were confronted by angry 'Tea Party' protesters.
Sin an Saol First jobs, working conditions, and leaving home to find work will all feature on this week’s Sin an Saol with elderly guests from Donegal.