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BAZ: THE LOST MUSLIM ***CONCLUDING PART*** Concluding part in series, in which Baz embarks on a personal journey of discovery, hoping to re-embrace his Egyptian heritage.
10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT… In episode three of 10 Things to Know About... we look at the brain. It's the most complex organ in the human body, producing every thought, action, memory, feeling and experience. But what happens when the brain goes wrong?
CRIMECALL Philip Boucher Hayes and Grainne Seoige with reconstructions, CCTV footage and live studio appeals to look for information from the public, to help with Garda investigations.
LIVELINE: CALL BACK In Liveline: Call Back Joe Duffy looks back at some of the standout stories on the nation’s favourite radio talk show and follows up on the most memorable for a TV audience.
EAR TO THE GROUND City girl turned farmer, Leonie Byrne, 'The Robot Man' Frank Murphy on his Cork farm, and the journey of malt production.
An Saol ó Dheas News and events from Munster.
THE LOCAL EYE This unique insight into the workings of the local newspaper industry in Ireland continues with more tales of the unexpected, the quirky and the infuriating.
NURSES This observational documentary series, Nurses, will tell the story of modern Irish nursing from the perspective of 6 trainee nurses
SECONDS TO LIVE: REALITY BITES Documentary tracking the Rapid Response medical unit based in Cork