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DRAMA ON ONE A SWING FOR JELLY by Charlie McCarthy with Joe Taylor, Aine Ní Mhuirí, Dawn Bradfield and Joe Hanley TV director-producer Charlie McCarthy returns to the senior service with a sympathetic study of chromosomal disability and the wholeness/holiness that this handicap provokes in those who are its able-bodied and broken-hearted companions. His dramatic timing’s impeccable, since […]
1864 Laust, Peter and Inge grow up and with that comes a desire to travel, helped along by visiting gypsies’ stories of the world outside Denmark.
WALLANDER The death of man from a heart attack and the apparently unrelated murder of a taxicab driver leads Wallander to a conspiracy that stretches far beyond the borders of Sweden.
FAIR CITY WEEK 31 Orla and Wayne are still at odds, Louise is furious with Hayley when her photo shoot turns seedy, Pete and Niamh try to dissolve tensions between Neil and Paul meanwhile Dermot receives some shocking news.
CSI CYBER Special Agent Avery Ryan and her team investigate when a man dies after taking medication he purchased from a hacked ad on a medical website.
ELEMENTARY ***NEW SERIES*** Holmes and Watson are back on the case in season 2 of Elementary.
THE SABOTEURS ***DOUBLE BILL*** ‘Freshman’s’ two glider planes crash violently into the Norwegian mountains. It is revealed that their target was Rjukan.