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ARENA As a singer/songwriter, Marc Carroll has flown under the radar for many years but garnered a loyal and devoted following. He has always been drawn musically to the voice of the outsider, distinct and unique voices that, as he says, 'refreshed your soul'. His own career has taken him from punk, to rock and on to a solo career where he honed his own sound which prompted one critic to say "..a soul full of The Byrds and The Buzzcocks...he could move to Nashville and become a millionaire". He's live in session on Arena today so you have a chance to decide for yourself whether that statement is on the money.
ARENA U2's 'iNnocence + eXperience' tour arrived home to Dublin last night and on today's show we get the critical verdict. It's been almost five years since people last saw them in concert so has it been worth the wait? U2 wanted iNnocence + eXperience to be not just a rock concert, it was to be an 'experience' in the full sense of the word - does it fulfill their concept
DESIGNING IRELAND ***FINAL*** The final episode explores the impact design has on our everyday lives, sometimes in ways we don’t realise, and uncovers the increasingly visible role that Irish architects and designers now play in a global design industry.
THE WORKS PRESENTS… ***FINAL*** In the final programme this series, John meets performance artist Marina Abramovic at her home in New York.