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RIO 2016 on RTÉ2 The final two days' competition and the closing ceremony live from Rio
SECRET EATERS ***FINAL IN SERIES*** Gym bunny Precious works out every day and insists she eats healthily whilst elder sister Florence cooks everything from scratch and would rather eat her own food than touch a takeaway. So why are they both putting on weight? They’re convinced they’re making the right choices with their food, but Florence’s mega-carb portion sizes, Precious’s love of a treat and both sisters’ devotion to fast food seem to suggest otherwise.
SPORT ON RTÉ One & RTÉ2 Week 34 The first of this year's All Ireland Senior Football semi-finals between Mayo and Tipperary is the featured game on the Sunday Game Live ***Please see separate release for Rio 2016 information***
CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS – DOUBLE BILL When an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother goes missing, the International Response Team suspects a gang could be behind both. Jack works the case with Lieutenant Ananda Doshi, a profiler he's worked with before who has an unorthodox style of investigation.
SHORTSCREEN A short drama, set in a rural fishing town, about a young alcoholic boy who is confronted by the truth that he might never break his routine or leave the town.
SECRET EATERS This week, brother and sister Emma and Matthew from Camberley in Surrey are under the Secret Eaters’ spotlight. Matthew is very sporty, mountain-biking at weekends and going to the gym three times a week while Emma restricts her food intake on weekdays to just a few hundred calories a day. So why are these two putting on weight? They’re convinced they’re making the right choices with their food, but Emma’s habit of picking while cooking, and Matthew’s willingness to indulge in chocolate cake immediately after exercise, seem to suggest otherwise.
THE WALKING DEAD – DOUBLE BILL Glenn and Enid make their way back to Alexandria. Meanwhile, Spencer puts his life a risk, as the herd finds its way inside the safe-zone.
CSI CYBER “Flash Squad” – The Cyber team investigates when users of a traffic app are rerouted to remote locations and robbed by masked women. Also, Russell reconnects with Greer Latimore (Kelly Preston) after the team completes business in Los Angeles.
THANK GAA IT’S FRIDAY This week's programmes focuses on Sunday's All-Ireland semi-final meeting of old rivals Dublin and Kerry plus Kieran McGeeney talks about his love for both MMA and GAA