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THE VOICE OF IRELAND It's the fifth of this year's Blind Auditions on the Voice of Ireland
FAIR CITY WEEK 5 Bob tries to intervene as Heather tightens her grip on Shane, Charlotte enjoys stirring things between Sash and Kerri-Ann, Pierce receives some unsettling news while Orla is not impressed with Jane's interest in Wayne's business venture.
AT YOUR SERVICE It’s a family affair for Francis Brennan this week as he’s called in to help with not one, but two, new business ventures.
REBELLION ***FINAL*** Frances and May are being terrorised at Aunt Nellie’s by Detective Coleman from the Castle who suspects May’s role in the leaking of documents.
AR SON NA POBLACHTA ***FINAL*** Looks back at the commemoration of 1966, the first major attempt to understand the Easter Rising of 1916.
LIFE BEFORE THE RISING Presented by historian Catriona Crowe of the National Archives, this documentary explores what was happening in the lives of Irish people from the growing catholic middle classes to the tenement dwellers, in the months and years leading up to the Rising.
ECO EYE Duncan and Anja explore what the solutions are for the contest for Ireland’s land and what different types of forestry can offer. Together they will explore what is the future for forestry in Ireland and how that can benefit the environment, employment and the economy.
EAR TO THE GROUND Darragh explores the issue of migrant workers in the agriculture sector, Helen is on the Comeragh mountains with sheep and dairy farmer Willie Drohan, and Ella questions whether local abattoirs can survive against large processing plants.
CODE BLACK Guthrie’s estranged son joins Angels Memorial as a surgical attending and clashes with Leanne over their contrasting approaches to medicine.
NEVEN MAGUIRE: HEALTHY HOME CHEF Programme two: Food on the Go. Neven shows Daithi O'Shea how to cook Lamb Chops and Butterbean Stew.Other dishes include Turkey and Orzo Broth, Butterbean and Bacon Broth, and Smoked Haddock Hash.