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SPORT ON RTÉ One & RTÉ2 Week 6 The RBS 6 Nations returns with three live games on RTÉ2 - France v Italy, Scotland v England and Ireland v Wales.
OTHER VOICES The third programme in the 14th series features Jack Garratt, Otherkin, Low and in the IMRO Other Room – Saint Sister. Presented by Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and May Kay.
THE VOICE OF IRELAND This week sees the sixth of this year's Blind Auditions on the Voice of Ireland
FAIR CITY WEEK 6 Ama becomes increasingly suspicious of Heather's lies and starts to ask questions. Pierce meanwhile keeps Rachel in the dark about his financial problems and Robbie and Sash get off to a rocky start.
AT YOUR SERVICE The Bluestack Centre really is at the heart of this rural community in Donegal and offers everything from bingo sessions to jiving nights. But their real money spinner should be the Centre’s 28 bed hostel which, despite its pristine condition, is getting very few bookings. Francis Brennan has been called in to come up with a strategy to fill beds and get the Bluestack Centre earning its keep.
ROOM TO IMPROVE ***NEW SERIES*** Architect Dermot Bannon returns with a brand new series of Room To Improve featuring more of his innovative and contemporary design projects. In the first episode Dermot travels to the village of Puckaun in north Tipperary, to meet teachers Darragh Egan, his partner Sarah Lovett and their three month old son Donagh.
THE MEANING OF LIFE, WITH GAY BYRNE Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, author of ‘Not in God’s Name’, condemns those who kill in God’s name and says religious leaders need a new message of peace and tolerance in this week’s Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne
BRIDGET & EAMON Bridget and Eamon have been chosen as the poster couple for the upcoming Divorce Referendum
iZOMBIE Liv is surprised when Clive is quick to refuse her help in solving a murder, so Liv and Ravi investigate on their own. Meanwhile, Major begins searching for a roommate.
ECO EYE Science communicator Dr Lara Dungan will take a closer look at the technologies that could enable us to live in a world of no fossil fuels and no pollution and while allowing us to grow our economy and improve our lifestyles. From futuristic electric cars, ocean energy, new solar panels and homes of the future, Lara will explore cutter-edge technologies that could help us power our future economy and give us hope for a better, brighter future.