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This American Life | RTÉ Radio 1 Extra This week, stories of people who are feeling the ground shift underneath them when people they are close to change. Including conservative radio host Tony Beam in South Carolina who is completely baffled by the candidate his audience has decided to get behind this election season.
The Curious Ear: Ballroom Belles | RTÉ Radio 1 Extra Brian Gallagher's mother, Mona, loves dancing. Her heydey was during The Emergency. It was a time of clothes rationing and when a man could complain if you refused a dance. When the most important dance of the evening was the last one.
The Green Screen | RTÉ Radio 1 Extra The award-winning documentary One Million Dubliners showcased the talents of rising director Aoife Kelleher. She talks to Garret Daly about the challenges she encountered making the feature, and how to ensure your documentary film is the best it can be.
The Murderer, Me and the Family Tree | RTÉ Radio 1 Extra The Murderer, Me and the Family Tree When Dylan Haskins was eleven years old he and his Dad were driving along the road, when a voice boomed out of the radio: “James Haskins, you have been sentenced to death by hanging.”
Cassandro, Queen of Lucha Libre | RTÉ Radio 1 Extra An insight into the world of Cassandro, an openly gay Mexican wrestler.